Land Animals Animals play an essential duty in They are separated right into 3 teams with particular environments: Sea animals usually stay in the seas (Situated in both sides of the map, both linked by 2 rivers), yet could additionally make it through in lakes and also water areas, as long as they remain in water as well as out land; where instance their “water” diminishes rapidly as well as could quickly dry out to fatality. Land animals could both survive on land, and also in water. Land Animals



Animals are the usable characters in All gamers begin as a computer mouse, Shrimp Or Chipmunk and also have to go on consuming food to develop right into various other, more powerful pets.

Passing away as anything besides a computer mouse will certainly permit your following go to start with extra experience. Pets additionally should consume alcohol water routinely to not come to be dried. The existing last development is the Black Dragon. Pets take off right into meat on dehydration.


Land Animals

Name Old Image New Image Description Max XP Minimum XP Passive Ability Special Ability
Mouse Mouse.png Mouse-2.png A Little Mouse! Eat berries , plankton and arctic berries to grow! 50 0 None None
Rabbit Rabbit-2.png Rabbit.png You can now burrow hiding hole by pressing W! You can also now eat carrots! 200 50 None Burrow a Hole
Pig Pig.png Pigs move faster in mud and lakes! You can now eat seaweed , mushroom and blackberry! 450 200 Move Faster in mud None
Mole Mole.png You can dig when in land! 1k 450 None Dig
Deer Deer.png You can Dig for Food! Can also eat lilypads in lakes! 2.1k 1k None Dig for food
Fox Fox.png Fox-2.png You can kick 2 animals from hiding holes and whirlpools! You can now eat Red mushroom , Kelp and Watermelon Slice! 4.2k 2.1k None Kick Animals out of holes
Zebra Zebra.png You Can Dig For Food! You can eat pears and mushroom bushes! 7.9k 4.2k None Dig for food
Donkey Donkey 1.png You Can Kick Animals Behind You! You can eat pears and mushroom bushes! 7.9k 4.2k None Kick
Cheetah Cheetah.png Cheetah-2.png You Can Get A Speed Boost! You can now eat bananas and snails! 15k 7.9k Faster Speed Boost
Lion Lion.png You can make a powerfull ROAR or RAWR , which stuns prey and predators! You can now eat clam and cocounuts! 28.5k 15k None Loud noise (ROAR)
Gorilla Gorilla.png You can throw bananas and coconuts when on a hill/tree which stuns prey/predators! You can now eat clam and cocounuts! 28.5k 15k faster on trees, Faster in water Throw Bananas/Coconuts on a tree
Bear Bear.png You can make a slash with your powerfull claws! 54k 28.5k Climb Trees Claw Slash
Crocodile Crocodile.png You can drag animals with your bite! You can now eat conch! 105k 54k Fast In water Bite and drag
Rhino Rhino.png You can Charge with your mighty horn! 250k 105k None Charge
Hippo Hippo.png You can make a powerfull GROAN which stuns predators/prey! 500k 250k Faster in water Loud Noise (GROAN)
Elephant Elephant.png You can smash with your trunk to get food , attack animals! 1m 500k Trunk None
Dragon Dragon.png You can breath fire can also fly over everything! 10m 1m Fly Over everything Fireball
Black Dragon Black Dragon.png You can breath fire and fly over everything and dominate the whole map! 20m 10m Fly over everything, Can only heal in biome X3 Powerful Fireball


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