The Hippo is just one of the animals in It is the Fourth to last animal you could progress to and also is just weak compared to the Dragon, Yeti, Elephant, Blue Whale, Mammoth, Black Dragon as well as Sea Serpent. Hippos could relocate extremely quick in seas, lakes and also mud places. It additionally have the capability to moan which stun any type of animals. Hippo Hippo is among the animals of It stands at the Fourth from the last animal that you have actually the choice of progressing is weak compared to simply the Yeti, Dragon, Blue Whale, Elephant, Mammoth, Elephant, as well as Sea serpent. Hippos have the capability of relocating at an extremely fast lane in lakes, seas, along with mud areas. One more capability of it is to groan that could stun any type of animals.

The Hippo could take in berries, Little Mushrooms, Big Mushrooms, Mushroom Bushes, Lilypads, Smaller sized animals, Bananas, Plankton, as well as Coconuts.

Playing As Hippo

The finest technique with Hippo is to hang around in lakes as well as progressively boost experience considered that practically absolutely nothing else can eliminating you with a dragon being exceedingly slow-moving in water. Stay clear of roaming right into the deep, as a sea serpent may consume you. As long as you’re Hippo you’re additionally not mosting likely to have any type of issue consuming crocodiles, births/ rhinocerouses because they search in the lake from time to time and also you’re the quickest animal of the lake. You have the capability of reaching them and also consuming them quickly.

Playing Against Hippo

The finest technique to embrace versus the Hippo is to deflect lakes on hippos being identified, anticipate for you being a dragon/shark. Dragons should still work out care within lakes as hippos could munch your tails prior to scooting away very quickly. Hippo will certainly have no worry in consuming you or attacking your tails within lakes and also hence you call for being familiarized with your atmosphere as well as your enemies. On being an extra high killer within a lake as well as seeing a hippo, dive as well as run as rapidly as feasible. On seeing a hippo with reduced wellness make an effort at attacking its tail for eliminating it!


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